Title: Methods in Algebraic Geometry for the Computation of Scattering Amplitudes in QFT




The aim of the mini-workshop is to discuss computational techniques in algebraic geometry which are currently of particular relevance for the computation of scattering amplitudes. The main focus is on the Singular program which contributes significantly to research of our groups. 



S. Abreu, F. Febres Cordero, H. Ita, K. Larsen and B. Page


Confirmed Participants:

S. Abreu, S. Dittmaier, M. Jaquier, K. Larsen, H. Schoenemann, Y. Zhang, B. Page, E. Scheidegger, C. Schwan



Dates: 4th & 5th of September 2017; start of meeting around lunch of Monday the 4th of Sept.

Location: Particle Theory Groups in the Physics Highrise 7th & 8th floor

How to get here



The talks should be at a level so that students can follow and to prepare for discussions between people with math and physics background.


Location: SR 1, Physics Highrise 



15:00 - 15:50: S. Abreu, `Introduction to Feynman integrals and integration-by-parts relations.'

16:00 - 16:50: Y. Zhang, `Geometry of amplitudes -- cuts, singularities, vectors fields and other applications of computational algebraic geometry in theoretical physics.'

17:00 - 17:50: H. Schoenemann, `Computational methods in algebraic geometry -- algorithms for the computation of Groebner bases.'

Tuesday: (updated)

during the day: collaboration meetings

11:00 - 13:00: K. Larsen, skype discussion, summary



  • See notes for a list of topics raised in the skye discussions. Some initial comments/solutions are given. 


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