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Scattering Amplitudes in Quantum Field Theory (WS17)


J.Prof. Dr. Harald Ita and Dr. Samuel Abreu


  • Lecture: 2 hours, Tue 12-14, SRII; start: 16.10.2017
  • Tutorial: 2 hours, Fr 12-14, SRII; start in second lecture week


  • Methods for analytic computation of scattering amplitudes (spinor helicity formalism, recursion relations)
  • Properties of scattering amplitudes (IR singularities, cancellation of unphysical singularities)
  • Integral relations (algebraic and geometric methods)
  • Unitarity method (Landau equations, reduction of integrands of loop amplitudes)
  • Extra material: differential equations method


For Bachelor-Students

The lecture is suitable as supplementary or elective course. The class aims at MSc-level, however, we can as well provide a self-contained discussion for motivated BSc students. 


Quantum Mechanics, QFTI

Requirements for Academic Record

  • regular participation in the tutorials, including solutions to 75% of the homework problems.
  • in case an exam ( "Prüfungsleistung")  is required, an oral exam will be offered. Prerequisite is the successful participation in the tutorials.

Further details will be given in the lecture/tutorials.






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