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Introduction to Relativistic Quantum Field Theory (SS13)


J.Prof. Dr. Harald Ita and Dr. Christian Schwinn



  • Lecture: 4 hours, Mon 9-11, Tue 10-12, SR GMH; start: 15.04.2013 (Lecturer Harald Ita)
  • Tutorial: 2 hours, Mon 11-13, SR GMH; start: 22.04.2013 (Tutor Christian Schwinn). 
    Please register for the tutorial on the campus management website of the lecture

    (Registration starts on 15.04, 12.00. More information will be given in the first lecture.)

Problem Sets for Tutorial

Please contact the lecturer for the problem sets.


  • Quantization of scalar fields (Klein Gordon equation, classical field theory, canonical quantization, scattering theory and Feynman diagrams)
  • Vector-boson fields (classical field equations, electromagnetic interactions and the gauge principle, quantization of the electromagnetic field)  
  • Dirac fermions (basics of Lie Groups, Lorentz group and its representations, Dirac and Weyl equations, Poincare group and its representations, quantization of free Dirac fields, QED and perturbative evaluation, applications)
  • Quantization with functional integrals


For Bachelor-Students

 The lecture is suitable as supplementary or elective course; Wahlpflicht- bzw. Wahlbereich. It is equivalent to the  lecture "Theoretische Teilchenphysik"  in the course description.


Quantum Mechanics, Electrodynamics and Special Relativity

 Requirements for Academic Record

  • active and regular participation in the tutorials, including solutions to 50% of the homework problems.
  • in case an exam ( "Prüfungsleistung")  is required, an oral exam will be offered. Prerequisite is the successful participation in the tutorials.

Further details will be given in the lecture/tutorials.



  • Peskin/Schroeder: "An Introduction to Quantum Field Theory"
  • Coleman: "Notes from Sidney Coleman's Physics 253a" available online
  • Maggiore: "A Modern Introduction to Quantum Field Theory"
  • Itzykson/Zuber: "Quantum Field Theory"
  • Weinberg: "The Quantum Theory of Fields, Vol.1: Foundations"
  • Ramond: "Field Theory: a Modern Primer"
  • Sexl, Urbantke: "Relativität, Gruppen, Teilchen"
  • Cvitanovic: "Field Theory", the Nordita 1983 Lecture notes available online

  More advanced Textbooks

  • Siegel: "Fields" available online 
  • Böhm/Denner/Joos: "Gauge Theories of the Strong and Electroweak Interaction"
  • Weinberg: "The Quantum Theory of Fields, Vol.2: Modern Applications"
  • Nakahara: "Geometry, Topology and Physics"


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